Medical Services

Medical Services:

- Medical examinations and appropriate treatment of sick or injured animals
- Annual physical examinations and vaccination programs specific to your pets needs.
- Puppy & Kitten Packages
- Examination reports for animals travelling abroad
- Preventative medicine, geriatric and wellness testing


Surgical Services:

Full surgical suite for:

- Spay or Neuter
- Soft tissue surgeryCesarean Sections
- Orthopedic Repair
- Elective Surgeries


Dental Services:

- Complete treatment plans for cats and dogs
- Dental examinations
- Prophy and extractions
- Consultations for preventative dental care


Radiology Services:

- Complete in house digital radiology services
- Consultation with radiology specialists
- In house ultrasonography

Cancer Treatment:

- Chemo and supportive therapies
- Improved quality of life
- Minimal side effects

Laboratory Services:

- Complete blood analysis
- Urine and fecal analysis
- Parasite and viral testing
- Allergy testing
- Culture and sensitivity testing

Nutrition Centre

- Complete line of prescription diets and quality life stage foods.
- Medi-Cal /Royal Canin
- Hill’s
- Purina
- Fromm
- Nutrition and diet counselling available upon request.


- All breeds and Specialty cuts and colors
- Our professional groomer is available by appointment
- Please book early as she is very busy


- We offer comfy boarding services for dogs, cats and rabbits with personalized attention for that at home feeling
- You are invited to come by for a tour and meet the staff

After Life Care:

- Arranged to individual requirements
- A compassionate, knowledgeable staff to assist you
- Individual cremations available
- Full line of urns and pet memorials

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